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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TULSI (Holy Basil) ~~ A true natural medicine ~~

"That which pacifies both Kapha and Vata, and destroys toxins, breathing problems, respiratory area heaviness and cough, and bad odors is Tulsi."-- Sushruta Samhita, ancient ayurvedic text
Tulsi is natural wonder medicinal plant. It's holy plant for Hindu people. It has lots of medicinal values.
Holy basil, popularly called tulsi, is a mystic plant of India, closely linked to the very roots of her civilization. The plant is worshipped every day by the Hindus. It possesses miraculous properties that destroy all kinds of diseases and evils. You can see this plant infront of the main door of the home. It's used very commonly to cure cough, asthama, fever, stomach ache, demulcent, digestive, vermifuge, diaphoretic, expectorant etc. otherthan this it has Aromatic properties too.

Tulsi is an effective diaphoretic and febrifuge in case of colds, flu and lung problems. It removes excess 'kapha' from the lungs and nasal passages, increasing Prana and promoting sensory acuity. It also removes high Vata from the colon, improves absorption and strengthens the nerve tissue, increasing memory. Tulsi may be taken as a beverage with honey for promoting clarity of mind.

The fresh leaf juice is used externally for fungal infections on the skin. It is known to help in cancer treatment too.

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"Leaves, flowers, fruits, root, branches and the main stem and everything about tulsi is sacred; even the soil under the tulsi plant is holy."
--excerpt from the Padmapurana, an ancient healing text from India(>5000 year old).


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