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Friday, April 28, 2006

Vegetables Fight Global Warming

It turns out there's something anyone can do right now to make a big impact on global warming, says one climate researcher: Eat more veggies.

Emit Less CO2 in Production
A new study of how much greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere by the production of food shows that the difference between a meat-based and plant-based diet amounts to the same as driving an SUV versus a small sedan.

The calculations are based on data and a basic ecological concept that have been around for decades, but no one had actually done the math.

"It's just never been done," said climate researcher Gidon Eshel of the University of Chicago. "The data is simply there to mine."

The ecological concept has been taught in biology classes for decades: As energy moves up a food web — from plants to grazing animals to predators — only about 10 percent survives each step. In other words, 100 calories worth of beef patty require about 1,000 calories of grain which, in turn, require 10,000 calories of sunlight.

So if you choose to cut out the middleman (the cow) and get your 100 calories directly from the grain, you only have to grow one-tenth as much grain.


Huh.. So be vegiterian.... support vegiterianism.... say bye bye to meat. Be healthy, live healthy, accept vegiteriannism & save your globe :-).

(Source: Discovery Channel)


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