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Friday, April 28, 2006

Discovery Channel - Secret Mafia Notes Reveal New 'Godfather'!

Bernardo Provenzano, the now jailed "boss of bosses" of the Sicilian Mafia, appointed his Godfather successor before his arrest, the Italian daily La Stampa reported on Tuesday.

Provenzano's heir was Matteo Messina Denaro, according to a close investigation into hundreds of pizzini � notes written on little pieces of paper � found in Provenzano's hideout just a few miles from his Sicilian hometown of Corleone. "The investiture can be found in one of the pizzini written a few weeks before Provenzano's arrest," La Stampa wrote.

On the run for 13 years, he is known as the "playboy boss" for his love for girlfriends, gold watches, and fast cars.

The Caesar Code:
At least one coded note, written in January 2001 by Angelo Provenzano, had a strong resemblance to what's known as Caesar cipher, an encryption scheme used by Julius Caesar to protect important military messages.

While the classic Caesar cipher moves everything three letters later (A becomes D, B becomes E, etc.), the "Provenzano code" assigned a number to each letter by simply increasing by 3 the value given to the 21 letters of the Italian alphabet listed in order. " We hope you'll stop by ... and that you'll enjoy the feature that your friend chose for you!

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