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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hindu Minorities -- Ethnic Cleansing In Bangladesh

After partition of India, the life of Hindus in East Pakistan(Present day Bangladesh) And west Pakistan(Present day Pakistan) became worst than animals.
In Bangladesh, eversince, after the bloody partition of India, Hindus were always targetted. Hindus comprised 30 per cent of Bangladesh's population in 1947 but are less than 10 per cent today. The estimated loss of 20 million Bangladeshi Hindus is because of an ongoing genocide and forced exodus.
Here I'm just putting some of the reports i had read over the period of time & it really makes any human being's spine cold.

The Hindu Minority in Bangladesh: Legally Identified Enemies
(11th Jan.,2000 report of Voice of the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Network)
In the last three decades, human rights abuses against the Hindu minority in Bangladesh, have largely gone unreported. Bangladeshi nationalism has failed to accommodate the Hindu minority. The continuance of the Enemy Property (Custody and Registration) Order II of 1965 of the then East Pakistan Government albeit, under a new name, stands testimony to the less than equal status of the Hindu citizen in Bangladesh. The order identified minority Hindus as enemies and it was used as an instrument to take away land from them who were conveniently labelled as supporters of India.
Notwithstanding the fact that India was a determinant factor in the liberation of Bangladesh, the fate of the Hindu minority changed little after independence from Pakistan. The President of Bangladesh in his ORDER NO. 29 OF 1972 changed the nomenclature to Vested Property Act (VPA). Under this order, the Government of Bangladesh vested itself with alleged enemy properties. "Properties" means "properties of any kind, movable or immovable and includes any right or interest in such properties, debt or actionable claim, any security or negotiable instrument, and any right under a contract and any industrial or commercial undertaking." "Security" includes "share, scrip, stock, bond, debenture or debenture stock, or other marketable security of a like nature in or of any body corporate and Government securities." Clause 2 of the Order further states, "Nothing contained in this Order shall be called in question in any court." This Order of the President and the Enemy \ Vested Property Act have not been subjected to any judicial review.

.....................According to the information in the population census, the average annual growth rates of the Muslim population was 3.13 per cent for 1961-1974, 3.08 per cent for 1974-1981, and 2.20 per cent for 1981-1991 period. Assuming a 13 per cent lower fertility rate for the Hindus compared to the Muslims (assumption-b), the average annual growth rates in the Hindu population under "no-out migration" situation would have been 2.72 per cent during 1964-1971, 2.68 per cent during 1971-1981, and 1.92 per cent during 1981-1991."..........

.........The estimated total missing Hindu population during 1964-1991 was 5.3 million, i.e., 196,296 Hindus missing every year since 1964. In other words, if out-migration of Hindu population is caused mainly by communal disharmony resulting from the Enemy/Vested Property Acts, the approximate size of the missing Hindu population would be 538 persons each day, since 1964."............ Read the report here
(Excerpts drawn from:

Bangladesh Hindu atrocities 'documented'
(8 November, 2001, report of BBC News Online)
A leading South Asian rights group says it has documented widespread atrocities committed by Muslim radicals against members of the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh. Read full details here.
(Excerpts drawn from:

Attacks on members of the Hindu minority

(December, 2001, report of Amnesty International)
Amnesty International has been concerned about the situation of members of the Hindu community in Bangladesh over the past several months. Following the general elections on 1 October which were won by a coalition led by Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP) with a large majority, BNP supporters reportedly attacked Hindus because of their perceived support for the rival Awami League party during elections. Hundreds of Hindu families were reportedly driven off their land by groups affiliated to the BNP-led coalition who, in some cases, allegedly burnt their homes and raped Hindu women. Several Hindus were reportedly killed. Amnesty International is calling on the Government of Bangladesh to bring to justice perpetrators of these attacks regardless of their position in society or in any political party.

Amnesty International is also calling for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoner of conscience Shahriar Kabir, a journalist who has sought to publicise abuses against Hindus.

Discrimination against Hindus

Hindus in Bangladesh have tended to vote for and support parties such as the Awami League. They have therefore been the target of a political backlash by supporters of parties opposing the Awami League.

As a minority community in Bangladesh sharing a language and religion with the Indian populations of West Bengal, Hindus have been subjected to discriminatory practices or attacks by Muslim groups in Bangladesh. None of the governments in Bangladesh since its independence has taken any decisive steps to protect Hindus in the face of potential threats, including the current attacks.

While both Hindu men and women have been subjected to attacks and intimidation, Hindu women have been also subjected to sexual violence. As a state party to the International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, the Bangladesh Government is required to take steps without delay to eliminate discrimination against all women in Bangladesh. The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has identified gender-based violence which includes rape, as a form of discrimination (General Recommendation 19 of 1992).

Attacks against Hindus

The current wave of attacks against the Hindu community in Bangladesh began before the general elections of 1 October 2001 when Hindus were reportedly threatened by members of the BNP-led alliance not to vote, since it was perceived their vote would be cast for the Awami League. The backlash after the elections was systematic and severe. Reports indicate that the worst affected areas have been in Barisal, Bhola, parts of Pirojpur, Khulna, Satkhira, Gopalganj, Bagerhat, Jessore, Commilla and Norsingdi. Attackers have reportedly entered Hindu homes, beaten members of the family, looted their property and in some cases, raped Hindu women.

One of the affected villages was Ziodhara. Fear of backlash created a severe atmosphere of tension in the village. Several hundred Hindu villagers left for fear of being attacked and Hindu children would not attend schools. In another village, Deuatala Bazaar, gangs of young men wielding sharp weapons reportedly went from door to door telling Hindus to ''go away''. Hundreds of Hindu villagers reportedly left the village. Complete report here.
(Excerpts drawn from: Amnesty International)

(5 August 2004 report)
On 3 August 2004, Muslim Bengali settlers from Kalabanya of Aimachara Union under Bakal sub-district slain an indigenous couple of Dhandachara village of Bhushanchara Union under Barkal Thana in Rangamati hill district.

At around 11 p.m. over 50 Muslim Bengali settlers led by Shuhidul (30), Ibrahim (37), Imdad (37) and Union Parishad member Tamir Ali committed a brutal attack on Mr. Barun Kumar Chakma (33) s/o late Dina Mohan Chakma and his family members with sharp knife and spear. Mr. Chakma died on the spot.

Next day on 4 August, around 11 a.m. Ms. Subarna Chakma and her son
were brought to Rangamati about 50 miles away from the victims’ village and admitted to the Rangamati sadar hospital with serious injuries. After 4 hours of their admission to the hospital, Ms. Subarna died, and Kampan Chakma was sent to the Chittagong Medical College hospital.

Ms. Subarna Chakma was slain on her head, throat, back, legs and hands, while her son was chopped of at his right leg. Read full report here.

There is lot more to write, it would be better if i provide you the links for this brutal truth. Following are just few which came in to light, Only God knows how many people dead/ran away/ missing..

Minority girl gang raped at Periojpur: An Investigative Report

Housewives of minority families raped en masse: Six minority families threatened to leave their abodes

U.S. Department of State International Religious Freedom Report 2005 on Bangladesh

Bangladesh Hindus 'will not go back'

Bangladeshi Hindu Minorities are Helpless; Let the picture to touch your heart.

The 1992 Mallya Massacre of indeginous tribal at Chittagong Hill Tract.

The truth about Bangladesh's Hindus

View Video on Recent Atrocities
(PS:This video link didn't work with me, try at your end. I hope ot works.)


At April 15, 2006 11:40 PM, Blogger Pallavi Gupta said...

This is heinous crime and the evil doers must be punished by law! The Bangladeshi Hindus must get justice!!!!!

At April 17, 2006 5:30 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Where is law and justice? When some sick minded people are ruling the country, the law and order will also become sick. And i'm sure they won't get any justice in near future. Because some fundmentalist parties are part of the present government.
Only god should save them.

At July 08, 2006 11:15 PM, Anonymous richierich1m said...

These rascals need to be shooted

At July 10, 2006 3:26 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Who will Shoot them? They do not have neighbour like Isreal. Geographically If isreal was in place of India, it would have eradicated Bangladesh from the world map.
Anyways thanks for coming here.. you are welcome again and again.


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