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Friday, April 07, 2006

JAISALMER -- The Golden City

Rajasthan the largest state of Republic Of India. A part of Rajasthan is covered by 'Thar desert'. Jaisalmer is one of the old, beautiful and fascinating cities of Rajasthan in India.

Founded by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 A.D., the remote location of Jaisalmer kept it almost untouched by outside influences, even during the days of the Raj. Jaisalmer was the last to sign the Instrument of Agreement with the British.

Very few cities can boast of the magnificence that surrounds Jaisalmer. There is a fort that seems to rise out of a desert haze, its yellow sandstone walls and bastions taking on a golden hue in the afternoon sun, which is why it is aptly called Sonar Kila or the Golden Fort. Places of interest.

More about Jaisalmer.

There is one article published in today's THE HINDU online edition about Jaisalmer with the title On the edge of the desert which gives some good information about this golden city.


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