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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some more free utilities, tools, guides ..... etc...

I was browsing something on the internet. I found some good links and resources, so again sharing with you all. I hope it'll be usefull to atleast one person :-) .

Free Partitioning Software - Copy, Create, Move, Resize, Convert, Undelete Partitions

Free Antivirus Software

Free Encrypted Email, Free Encrypted Chat

Free Personal Firewalls

Free Programming Libraries, Components and Source code

Free Online Programming Tutorials/ Frequently Recommended Programming Books

Free Emulators and Virtual Machines (Virtualizers)

Free Pearl and CGI Scripts

Free PHP Scripts

Free Web MAster Resources

Here are some websites list which will provide you online storage/ sharing of files
  • Streamload
  • fileXoom - 2 GB space. Allow all file types.
  • Free File Hosting - 150 MB file size limit.
  • RapidSharing - 200MB per file, unmetered downloads, fast and reliable.
  • - 1 GB - Unlimited Downloads, Unlimited uploads, Unlimited Bandwith and 100% free of charge!!
  • - 150 MB is maximum file size limit.
  • EZ-Files - Free file hosting with 50 MB limit.
  • SaveFile - File size limit is 60 MB. After uploading you'll be given link, that others can use to download the file(unlimited times).


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