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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

God will smile down upon us and grant these happy wishes

To this day I am unable to figure
what I did right to deserve you,
you, my life, my soul, my all,
and I, your smile, your heartbeat,your love.
The world around us oblivious to our joys
and we, lost in each other's eyes
in each other's embrace
in the words we share
in the love we cherish ever so deeply.
So let us pray with whole of our existance,
that God will smile down upon us and grant
these happy wishes,
For without them we are incomplete and lost
and with them we are the richest of them all.

You are my inspiration,
you are my reason for existing
in this harsh, cruel world,
You are the colors that fill my life's canvas
and now i can be selfish and keep you with me,
for you are mine to keep and cherish
till the mountains turn to ashes
and the seas turn into clouds and perish,
there is a world beyond this one,
there is another lifetime to live and love,
but without you there is no point in living
this time or any eternity even.

(Excerpts drawn from:


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