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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code, it's really sending waves across the world. Is it really controversial? what it has really?

The Da Vinci Code Mystery Revealed!
Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code brims with mysteries: Did Jesus have a girlfriend? And did they have a daughter, whose descendants live today? Is the Priory of Sion an ancient covenant whose Grand Masters, including Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton, have sworn to protect this royal blood line? Is Opus Dei, the conservative Catholic sect Brown paints in such lurid colors, really that awful? Can a fictional thriller that is nothing more or less than (as one Biblical scholar called it) “a great plane read” be taken seriously as an ecclesiastical exposé?

But no mystery, at least among film critics, is greater than this one: When are we gonna see the movie?

The Hollywood version of Brown’s blockbuster has a solid pedigree: director Ron Howard, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and star Tom Hanks, all Oscar winners. Any movie with that celebrated a roster usually demands early exposure to the upper-middle media: Vanity Fair, perhaps, or one of the major newsmagazines. But not even the undercover nerds at Ain’t It Cool News got a peek. (AICN’s big scoop, a year or so ago, was that the role of Silas, the murderous albino, might go to ... Jim Carrey! Paul Bettany got it.)

PS: read complete story on Time Magazine's online edition.

See the Trailer of the movie below.

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One more addition( 18th May,2006 )
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