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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

18 Peaks Mountain Park - HSIN-CHU

This is a small mountain park in Hsinchu City. 18 peaks mountain park stretches eight kilometere from North to South in a cresent shape. From my apartment it's around 20 mins walk. On Guangfu road from NTHU(National Tsing Hua University) drive/walk towards downtown. Turn left onto Shihpin Road and then turn onto Boai Road.

It was declared as forest park way back in 1928 during Japanese rule. 18 peaks mountains has prettiest greenary and this park holds tremendous diversity of flora and fauna. During the Japanese ers, 33 stone statues of Guan Yin(The godess of Mercy) were erected to protect hikers. So far 24 have been located. You can see one in the slides above.
During world war II, the Japanese army built tunnels into 18 peaks mountain to store provisions for kamikaze pilots. The Beilu Tunnel, which is still being maintained, has been turned into Taiwan's First National Gravity Reference Station.


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