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Friday, March 24, 2006

Yinghis EastGate -- Hsinchu

Hsinchu (also spelt Xinzhu) is a city in the north-western part of Taiwan. In their language Hsinchu, aka Xinzhu, means "windy city" & this name for this city is very much meaningfull. Wind will be always blowing here. But people are very warm, very friendly.
Yinghis EastGate is historical gate which is supposed to be one of the entrances to this city in the east. (Yinghis EastGate is marked with red cirle in the map below).

This is the picture of this gate(It's not clear, but still you can see something :) )

Everyweek end some good musicians, artists, singers from all corners of the city gather at the Yinghis EastGate, near Hsinchu Train station. They'll have musical concert, any interested person can go and sing and anybody can go and listen. They really play a wonderful Music. I recorded a song for few seconds, the clarity is not so good, but still you can listen & see.


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